Hi. I’m Mike, or Michael. I’m not too particular. If you’ve found your way to this website then you are just like me – someone who enjoys reading and writing and is curious about  getting those stories out of your head and onto the page for others to enjoy. And, how to write them so that people want to keep reading. If not then thanks for stopping bye. 

For those of you who are sticking around then let me tell you what you can expect. Firstly, I will be posting two articles a week, on Monday and Thursday. Monday’s article will be about the craft of writing itself. It could be a technique or mehtod… whatever I am reading or have read about the topic. Each article could be about a book that I have come across and would recommend or it might be one in a series of articles examing a book. Thursday’s articles will consist of what work of fiction I am engrossed in that week and my thoughts on it. I read a lot of different genres so stopping in to see what I am reading on a given week could be entertaining in itself.

My goal is that I can encourage, inform, or at the very least entertain everyone who reads this blog. If you agree then add a comment. If you disagree then then I encourage civil and constructive criticism. Keep in mind that I want to build a community for all ages. 

Now… time to get to work.

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