What do I really think?

This is where I rant and vent about my thoughts on writing, be it the frustrations with the craft, business, or simply what I like and don’t like about books in general.

Think of this as the drink after work where we complain about the boss… though I guess the boss is us.

Story Rant Part 2: What does all this mean?

According to one of the many Oxford dictionaries, an allegory is “A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.” The key phrase in this definition is “a hidden meaning,” which means that there is one meaning to glean from the “story, poem, or…

Story Rant Part 1: Story all around us!

If you have ever had the chance to go to film school, read a book on filmmaking, watched a documentary on filmmaking, or simply picked up a trade like The Hollywood Reporter then you are probably familiar with the phrase “the story is the thing.” The importance of story cannot be understated; though there are…

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